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Statspro is constantly looking for new saff to keep up with the demand of all our clients.
We have PART TIME oppurtunities for people to work in 2 different areas of the business. Camera crew and Game coders. If you are interested you can do one or the other, or even both. 

Camera crew will be responsible for going to a venue and filming the games you are assigned to, giving a copy of the game to the coach immediatly after the game and then loading the game onto our online server.

Our game coders will have the responsibility of getting the game from the online server, if you didn't film the game yourself. You will then get to work on the game, coding, using our software. This process usually takes about 4 hours.

Requirements: For both part time positions you will be required to have your own reliable transport, laptop (Windows), Fiber or LTE High speed internet.

Please go to the following link and complete an application form, we will be in touch!
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