Talent ID and Player Scouting
With more than 420 000 player events tagged on our system from 2014 till now Statspro is in a very good position to compare players with one another. 
​We have created a scouting system where we can select a group of players of the same age group and position and then rank them according to who made the most tackles, rucks, meters gained or line breaks. 
In the South African setup where there is an emphasis on finding talented players of colour our system can assist by just ranking players of colour or by breaking down perceptions by comparing players by race per position.

This can give scouts, selectors and unions a massive advantage when recruiting players or when inviting players to trials. With this system you can invite, select or recruit players based on his stats from all their games. 
Forwards Comparison per Position
Backs Comparison per Position
Race Comparison per Position
Scouting Player Profile
Visual Player Comparison