Rugby Analysis
The main goal of any rugby analysis software must be to give the coach insight into what in his team is working and what is not.  Not only does our software make it possible for the coach to view the teams:
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Player stats,
  • Ruck speed analysis and
  • Return to play feedback. 
With our program the coach can select to only view his latest game, a group of games or all his team's games. He can then look for trends on the following pages:
  • Detailed lineout analysis that includes breakdowns per area, formation and presentation
  • Source of tries,
  • Conversion rate of set-phases to tries
  • Player workrates, gainline success %, meters per carry
  • Defensive attitude  and scramble defence score
  • We are able to measure the percentage of balls that 9 passes that goes to 10. 
  • We will also be able to measure the gainline success from scrums,  lineouts and tap and go penalties. 
KPI Dashboard
Player Stats
Lineout Analysis
Speed of Rucks
Gainline Success off Lineouts
Attacking Comparisons
1st Phase Convertion Rate